Eye test for adults

Professional ophthalmological examination in Lublin

Adults should have their vision checked prophylactically every 2 years. In case of symptoms such as eye fatigue, tearing, blurred vision, redness or burning sensation, the examination should be carried out more often as soon as the symptoms are noticed or according to the recommendations of the doctor

I.PROFILER ® - Specialized ophthalmological examination

Eye test for adults begins with a conversation during which patient discuss with a doctor the reason of the visit, alarming symptoms, diseases, operations and injuries are discussed. The doctor should also be informed of any visual disturbances. During the examination, the specialist assesses the eye sockets, eyelids, size and mobility of the eyeballs. Visual acuity, field of vision and color vision are also checked, the anterior and posterior segments of the eye are examined. We invite you to Sfera Oczu optical salon in Lublin for a professional vision test.

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