Eyeglasses selection

Professional eyeglasses selection in Lublin

Eyeglasses are a unique and important everyday item that has a direct impact on thequality of vision and our lives as well. Therefore, they should be perfectly matched to our needs. During the selection of glasses our specialists at Sfera Oczu optical salon carry out a detailed consultation and professional eye examination using modern devices. Thanks to properly selected frames, you will ensure the comfort of using glasses. You'll forget you're accutaly wearing them! We select glasses for different distances, progressive glasses, glasses for work and reading, and sports glasses.

I.PROFILER ® - Specialized ophthalmological examination

JAs a modern and professional optical salon in Lublin, we offer you eye examinations using the I..Profiler device. We conduct specialist and preventive tests for adults and children, such as fundus examination or slit lamp examination. Thanks to the I.Profiler device, we obtain precise results regarding the eye profile in just 60 seconds.

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