Eye test for children

Ophthalmological examination of children in Lublin

Children do not notice vision problems. Even older children cannot tell whether their vision is completely sharp or slightly blurred. Based on observation, only parents can notice that the child probably has vision problems. The earlier a vision defect is detected, the greater the chances of correcting it. That is why it is so important to check the vision of children at an early stage of their growth.

I.PROFILER ® - Specialized ophthalmological examination

We conduct preventive and specialized examinations of children aged 8 and older, among other tests, using the innovative I.Profiler device. The test is short, takes only a few tens of seconds. During this time, the device allows you to get accurate information about the eye, create its individual profile and accurately assess the eye defect. For an eye examination of children, we invite you to the optical salon Sfera Oczu in Lublin

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